Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration Services

Leather clothing is timeless, wears well and offers great insulation. The bad news? Leather is very susceptible to damage. The good news? We can help. Whether your leather jacket is damaged by water or your leather shoes smell like smoke, our expert technicians are here to help.

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Why Do I Need Professional Leather Restoration Services?

Your first instinct may be to clean the leather goods yourself. However traditional cleaning methods will not do the job when it comes to fire or water damage. Ensuring that your leather items are properly cared for is key to restoring them to their pre-loss condition.

We offer quality leather restoration services:

This list is not exhaustive. If you are searching for a custom leather restoration service, contact CRDN to learn more.

Commonly Restored Leather Items

  • Leather handbags
  • Leather travel bags
  • Leather briefcases
  • Leather shoes
  • Leather jackets
  • Leather wallets
  • Leather rugs
  • Leather chairs
  • And much more

Searching to have an item restored that is not listed? Contact CRDN to learn more.

Our Water & Fire Damage Leather Restoration Process

We work diligently to ensure your contents are properly assessed and cared for based on the type of damage after a disaster. Our precise methods, expert technicians, and quick services help you get back to a sense of normalcy. If your item cannot be restored to its pre-loss condition, it is considered non-restorable. Our restoration guarantee ensures that there is no charge for our restoration efforts if the item is deemed non-restorable.

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