Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Restoration with CRDN

After a fire, the textile and electronic contents in your home may have experienced severe smoke stains and odor contamination. CRDN is here to help restore these contents to their pre-loss condition, so you don’t have to deal with the lasting effects of smoke damage in your home or business.

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Why Do I Need Smoke Restoration Services?

Smoke stains and odor can become embedded in your electronics and textiles after a fire. Trusting professionals with smoke restoration services is incredibly important, as smoke and smoke stains can contain toxic chemicals that can pose a danger to your health.

When you choose professional smoke damage restoration services from your local CRDN, you can trust that we will work hard to:

  • Conduct a meticulous on-site assessment of your contents for restoration services
  • Implement quality cleaning processes
  • Remediate smoke damage
  • Utilize specialized cleaning products to remove odor, not mask it


Commonly Overlooked Smoke Damaged Contents 

CRDN knows smoke damage isn’t always easy to spot. If a fire occurs in your kitchen, there is a good chance items in neighboring rooms were impacted.

These contents are commonly overlooked for smoke damage restoration services:


The Smoke Damage Restoration Process

We provide top smoke damage restoration services to help ensure the contents in your home are properly restored and safe to be returned. When you choose CRDN for smoke damage restoration services you can rest assured your items are being properly inspected, cleaned and restored.

Contents are inspected multiple times during the restoration process to check for smoke damage or stains. For soft contents like clothing, if the damage is mild, the smoke odor is likely to be eliminated during the laundry or dry cleaning process. The same goes for our least aggressive to most aggressive electronics restoration process. If smoke odor or damage is present after cleaning, we may conduct additional spot cleaning or treat items with ozone.

If an item still has smoke damage after additional cleaning, it will be deemed non-restorable. Our restoration guarantee ensures that there is no charge for our restoration efforts if the item is deemed non-restorable.


Full Suite Fire Damage Restoration Services

Experiencing more than just smoke damage after a fire? We also offer water damage restoration services for your textiles and electronics. We work with residential and commercial customers to help mitigate losses and return items to pre-loss condition:


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We are committed to quality restoration for damaged contents in your home after a fire or smoke disaster. With more than 150 locations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, our local technicians are standing by 24/7 to help you recover. Call the number at the top of your screen or submit a claim online now to get started.