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Monday, August 3, 2020

How to Fix Water-Damaged Headphones

Whether you were lounging poolside and accidentally dropped your headphones in the water or you have experienced a water-related event at home that led to headphone water exposure, don’t call it quits on your headphones just yet. Attempt to fix headphones with water damage to avoid having to purchase an expensive new pair.

Work Quickly to Save Your Headphones

The circuitry and electronics in headphones are sensitive to moisture. If the interior wiring is still receiving power after your headphones have been flooded or dunked, it can short circuit and be instantly damaged. If your headphones are still connected, shut off the power source to the device. Once powered off, disconnect the headphones from the power source to protect the circuitry. Acting with haste may help save your water-damaged headphones.

Disclaimer: The following tips have worked in some applications but may not work for everyone. CRDN is not responsible for any further damage caused to the water-damaged headphones. For the best results, contact your local CRDN for professional electronic restoration services.

How to Fix Water-Damaged Bluetooth Headphones or Plug-In Headphones

First, consider allowing the headphones to simply air dry for up to 48 hours. This may do the trick! After some patience, if they still aren’t functioning properly, you may need to disassemble them and clean more thoroughly using this step-by-step process:

  1. Start by removing any silicone, foam, or rubber tips on the headphones and set these items aside to dry.
  2. Carefully disassemble your headphones to expose the internal components. Newer earbuds often lack screws. Using extreme care, open the earbuds with a knife or flat screwdriver. Note that this may void a warranty, so review the manual of your headphones before opening them.
  3. While it may seem counterintuitive, place the open headphones into a container of distilled (de-ionized) water. Distilled water is noncorrosive so it will not damage the headphones further. Shake the headphones gently inside the container, which will eventually replace any lingering water in the components with distilled water.
  4. Remove the headphones from the distilled water and lightly shake any excess droplets off the exposed components.
  5. Using your breath, blow excess water off the headphones and parts. If using compressed air, increase the distance between the headphones and source of air to avoid damage.
  6. Use a small dry towel to pat dry the internal elements, taking special care to address the drivers on all sides.
  7. Having reassembled the headphones and allowed them to air dry for up to 48 hours, plug them in to test. Ideally, your headphones will be in working order after this process. If they still do not work, consider professional electronic restoration.

How to Repair a Water-Damaged Headphone Jack

It’s possible that the source, rather than the headphones, is what is causing the issue. Headphone jacks have small pins that once exposed to water can corrode and stick or malfunction. To repair a water-damaged headphone jack, use a cotton swab and cut or remove some cotton from the end so it will fit in the jack slot. Insert into the slot and turn and gently wiggle the cotton swab to absorb residual water. Depending on how much water the device was exposed to, this may correct the issue.

Headphone Water-Damage Prevention Tips

The best remedy for water damage to your headphones is to avoid being exposed to water altogether.

  • Make a habit of always storing your headphones in the same place when not in use. This may help prevent a ride in the washing machine.
  • If storing headphones or electronics, make sure they are in an airtight container. Consider a waterproof container, as well, if storing these items in a basement or area that is prone to exposure to water.
  • Keep your device and headphones off the counter and away from the sink or dishwasher.
  • Consider leaving your headphones in the car if you are going to a place with water (pool, beach, etc.).

Water-Damaged Headphone Repair Services

If you have experienced water-related damage to your electronics, such as headphones, as the result of a disaster, CRDN is here to help with electronic restoration services. Call our team of restoration experts today using the phone number at the top of your screen or find a CRDN near you to get started restoring your electronics to their pre-loss condition.