Want Growth?

New life for a mature industry.

By adding restoration drycleaning and laundry revenue to the bottom line, progressive operators are enjoying tremendous growth in a niche market that is enormouos, fast growing and national in scope. Insurance restoration drycleaning services can provide you with an opportunity to drive volume and add new customers while leveraging your existing investments for growth. Best of all, restoration drycleaning can grow your business exponentially even in negative economic cycles.

The insurance industry is discovering the huge cost savings and strategic value of paying a drycleaner to restore clothing and other household items damaged by smoke rather than replacing the items at their retail value. On average, restoration saves 84% compared to replacement, which means that insurance companies will benefit from our services and can save millions of dollars each year.

The insurance restoration business model is changing. More and more, insurance companies want to work with contractors that can service them on a national basis. Dealing with the same drycleaner on a national basis can be more efficient and effective, giving better and more consistent service to the homeowner while reducing claim costs.

As a result, CRDN is becoming a valuable partner to the insurance industry. Today, CRDN operates throughout the United States, and all major population centers in Canada and the United Kingdom. Our international footprint will continue to grow because we have successfully resolved hundreds of thousands of claims with the best people, technology and processes in the business. Simply put, we have spent more than a decade building a brand and team that no individual operator can match. But by joining the best in the industry, the return far exceeds the investment.

Don't delay. Exclusive territories are now available.

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