How It Works

We train you.
We support you.
Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

As a member of CRDN, you receive comprehensive training on insurance restoration services, including:

  • Resoration methods and technology
  • Inventory, processing and storage
  • Tracking and billing jobs

Additionally, our proprietary technology and computer software (RestorNet®) will enable you to have increased operational efficiency.

Beyond teaching you how to efficiently incorporate restoration drycleaning into your operation, we provide:

  • Direction on how to secure restoration business accounts
  • Sales and marketing support to help you gain visibility and build relationships with insurance adjusters, contractors and content restoration companies -- the main sources of referrals
  • Assistance with the development of localized marketing materials and strategies for securing local leads

Even if you have experience with restoration drycleaning, our network can help you do substantially more to improve your efficiences and profitability on existing work.

Importantly, as a nationwide organization, CRDN is attracting the attention of major insurance carriers that are looking for a single source supplier. This CRDN connection at a national level can ultimately enhance your lead flow. In fact, we already have been designated as a preferred provider of restoration drycleaning services to several leading national insurance companies and third party administrators in the United States. No individual stand-alone drycleaner has this clout.

Our goal is to provide a complete business sytem to help you build your business systematically in your market. You keep the distinction of being affiliated with a national network specializing in insurance restoration.

It's your business ... we just help you grow it!