Three Reasons

Meeting You on the Front Line

When disaster hits home, basic needs become a priority: food, shelter and clothing. CRDN works with insurance agents as partners in first response to quickly and reassuringly address the homeowner’s emergency needs.

Respond. Restore. Resume.

Understanding that a family’s health and safety come first, we bring the comfort of knowing that everything else can be replaced—or restored. This is where CRDN comes into the story. As an extension of the agent’s claim response team, one phone call to CRDN harnesses the power of a nationwide network of trained professionals. CRDN is pre-approved by most insurance companies, and likely already has a program in place with yours, built around your specific parameters and with your carrier guidelines in mind.

Smiles Show Up

Homeowners most often measure their insurance policies against their claims experiences. Positive claims experiences can fortify long-term relationships with agents, which is why we take our role in the claim process very seriously. We recognize that even more important than saving textiles, we salvage memories, we restore happiness, and we help those affected by the loss to resume everyday life and get back to what truly matters.

Severity Goes Down

CRDN’s restoration solutions have demonstrated the ability to reduce textile replacement expense by an average of 84%, while our quick and easy direct claim assignment system removes margin for error, reduces time, and dramatically improves communication. Our goal—and our track record—is to return a smile to the homeowner’s face, delivering you the satisfaction of promises kept and expectations exceeded.

So valued is our partnership with agents that CRDN has made it our mission to provide continuing education courses to insurance agents.