Certification Process

Certifying the Best of the Best.

As a member of the first, oldest, largest and most experienced network of textile restoration experts, a CRDN-certified textile expert is part of an elite team of highly trained, certified professionals. Our disciplined, thorough certification process ensures consistency, repeatability and reliability in exceeding customer expectations at every CRDN location, with every job, and with every garment/textile item.

Through CRDN certification, our team members receive comprehensive training on the industry’s most advanced insurance restoration services. It’s about more than restoring textiles—it’s about the entire claim lifecycle of working the homeowner, insurance professionals and restoration contractors. We have a responsibility to our clients and customers to constantly and consistently monitor and uphold our own rigorous certification standards, including:

  • Restoration methods, processes and technology;
  • Inventory, processing and storage;
  • Tracking and billing jobs; and
  • Customer service and satisfaction

We leave nothing to chance, which is why we also validate the time-in-process metrics and have set the standards for the industry’s adopted service levels.

Importantly, as an international organization, CRDN supports numerous insurance carrier programs for those looking for a proven and professional partner. In fact, we already have been designated as a preferred provider of textile restoration services to several leading national insurance companies and third-party administrators in the United States and Canada. No individual stand-alone operator or competing organization can match the size, scope and strength of our network.​​​